• Brad Paisley Has Something to Say About Rockers Going Country


    Many non-country artists have switched genres and tried their hand at a country single or even an entire album. Some artists in the country convert list include Uncle Kracker, Kid Rock, Lady Gaga with a country version of her hit “Born This Way”, and even actress Gwyneth Paltrow in Country Strong. Steven Tyler is among the newest artists to switch over to country.

    Country artists have had a few things, both negative and positive, to say about so many artists switching over to their genre. According to Taste of Country, Brad Paisley jokingly said, “I think you have no business being on a show with an act that’s not your format.” He made the joke after it was revealed that he would be opening for the Rolling stones this summer. Paisley also jested, “Just who do they think they are, that they can just walk on our stage and do what they do, it’s unfair.”

    Paisley added, “If anybody wants to be in country, we’ll welcome them, with open arms and a fair amount of skepticism. But then you got guys like Darius [Rucker] who just blow the doors off, so we’re certainly wide open to it.”

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