• Miranda Lambert Lashes Out at Country Music Radio Exec Keith Hill for Perceived Sexist Comments


    According to CBS News, the country radio executive Keith Hill advises stations to limit female artists to about 15 percent of their playlists.

    “My stations win by taking females out,” Hill said. “Sometimes that’s enough to go from the #3 station to the #1 station in a market.”

    “In a deep irony, it’s the demand of female listeners who aren’t thinking about it; they’re just responding to that flow of song after song, and if that mix has more females in it, they turn off quicker.”

    “We’re trying to get the biggest possible audience,” Hill said. “We’re not thinking about gender fairness, we’re just trying to make money.”
    Hill claims his comments were made at a conference for industry insiders and he never meant for them to be heard by a mass audience. Miranda Lambert did not like his comments one bit. She made this tweet in response:


    Source: CBS News, Twitter
    Image Credit: A World Gossip, Screen Shot from Twitter

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