• Reba McEntire, ‘Somebody’s Chelsea’: The Story Behind the Song


    Reba McEntire’s 2011 single “Somebody’s Chelsea” was inspired by the movie P.S. I Love You. McEntire told The Boot she came up with the idea while watching the movie and later woke up at 5AM one morning with the melody in her head.

    McEntire: When I got the inspiration for that song, I was watching a movie, P.S. I Love You [with] Harry Connick Jr. [and] Hillary Swank. And they’re sitting at the booth in the cafe, and she’s saying how much she loved her husband who passed on. I don’t know his name in the movie; it could’ve been Frank or something.

    And Harry Connick Jr.’s like, “What did I do? What’s wrong? How come you won’t love me?” “Well, my husband was this, he was that. He was just so good …” And Harry Connick Jr. gets up and starts to walk out, and she goes, “Where you going?”

    He said, “I want to be somebody’s Frank. I’m going to go find that person.” I’m like, “What a great idea for a song.”

    Source: The Boot
    Image Credit: Billboard

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