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  • A Takeaway Coffee Cup In Game Of Thrones Blunder Ruins Victory Over Night King

    In this 21st century of cinematic dynamism game of thrones stands as one of the best examples of its kind. But the editors in this series forgot to misplace a coffee cup which appeared to undermine the credibility of Game of Thrones series on Sunday evening.

    In its eighth season, the fans stayed up late just to witness an eventful episode(4th) of the series to get a bloody conclusion in little more than a fortnight’s time.

    In any case, they were spitting their cocoa in the wake of detecting a takeaway espresso mug in the Winterfell’s Great Hall where Daenerys Targaryen, the assembled armed force of Wildlings, Unsullied, Dothraki warriors and John Snow warm themselves in their triumph throughout the Night King.

    Placed on one of the hall’s long trestle-tables the coconut cappuccino cup remained overt as the victors’ raucous celebrations unfold the episode. Jon and Daenerys remained typhlotic to the offending cup.
    But the blunder was not oblivious to the eagle-eyed viewers, who promptly expressed their incredulity on social media.

    As the news flitted through twitter one wrote: ‘So this is where we’re at now! A Starbucks cup!’
    While another one joked: ‘If that’s Dany’s Starbucks coffee I feel bad for the barista who has to write her name on the cup…. hand must be cramping.’

    ‘I missed the story arc where Dany discovers pumpkin spice lattes,’ wrote a third.


    Another fan deposed claims with objecting that the cup had been Photoshopped onto the scene for comical effect, writing: ‘It isn’t I just rewatched the scene on HBO now is that a candle or something wtf.’ (sic)

    With the dust settling on episode three’s epic battle of Winterfell, during which a number of key characters were killed off the blunder debuts on the show.

    As season eight gears up for a dramatic climax at Kings Landing over the course of its final two episodes, we hold onto more excitements and expectations for the ending.

    The show concludes on May 19.

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