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  • Rihana Likes Chris Brown Perving On Her Lingerie Pictures

    Rihana likes Chris Brown perving on her lingerie pictures

    It’s been some times since we last checked in on Chris Brown, but if we were starting to doubt that he’s still the worst, Breezy’s latest Instagram activity would be enough to convince us that he remains one of the douchiest men on the planet.

    We probably don’t need to remind you back in 2009 when Brown brutally beat Rihanna while the two of them were dating.

    To totally appreciate what a complete ass Brown is in this case, it’s important to keep in mind that Rihanna will likely bear the psychological scars for the rest of her life.

    Well, recently, RiRi has been posting lots of lingerie pictures on her Instagram account lately, and for that, we thank her. It is part of the promotional campaign for her Fenty lingerie line.

    People have a lot to love about the pics. One of those people is Chris Brown, who went totally bonkers over the image above in a series of comments.


    Chris took a lot of hit for publicly gushing about his abuse victim. It seems RiRi was not offended by her ex’s compliments. An insider told she still values a lot the opinion of Brown.

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