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  • Is Puff Daddy an Over Protective Daddy? Diddy Arrested for Fighting UCLA Football Coach


    Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested on Monday after getting into a fight with a football coach at the University of California, Los Angeles. His son Justin Combs plays football at UCLA and is currently in summer training as a defensive back.

    According to TMZ, Diddy is referred to by UCLA staff as a “helicopter dad” for hovering over practices. Sounds like the average soccer dad, but usually those are the parents of 10-year-old boys…

    Here’s the Story:

    The strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi had been “riding Justin badly” during a workout session and Diddy watched the whole thing from the sideline. Later Diddy confronted the coach in his office and allegedly attacked the coach with a kettlebell weight. He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

    Now Diddy is claiming self-defense and saying he was not the aggressor. TMZ’s sources we’re told Diddy confronted Sal Alosi while he was on the phone. Diddy was told to “hold on”, but Diddy wasn’t having that.

    Sal Alosi has some infamy of his own. While working as a NY Jets coach in 2010 he was suspended by the NFL after tripping a Miami Dolphins player who was covering a punt.

    UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora called this fight an “unfortunate incident for all parties involved”. He says they will let the legal process run its course.

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