• Funniest Interview Ever as Actors Go Off the Rails With Their Own Questions About Bakersfield Band Korn

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    In the video, Jay Baruchel and Eric Andre are being interviewed on Eyewitness News Mornings about their new show “Man Seeking Woman.” The interview begins like any other, with questions about the new show, but then quickly goes off the rails.

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    The magic begins at the 2:40 mark when Eric Andre interrupts the interview to ask a question of his own. Eric Andre wants to know if the band Korn is from Bakersfield, CA. Both Jay Baruchel and Eric Andre burst out their impression of Korn and the interview jumps off the rails, unable to find its way back. Both actors are very impressed with their own Korn knowledge. Watch as the interviewer gets flustered, and both Jay and Eric can’t seem to contain their laughter.

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    Watch the whole funny interview here.

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