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  • Korn is Reborn at Brooklyn Bowl with Self-tribute Performance


    When Korn performed their entire debut self-titled album, at the Brooklyn Bowl in March, it was like a time warp back to 1994. Korn opened the show with their chart-topper “Blind” and set the high-energy pace that rolled strong all the way through the 1 ½ hour performance. The band’s synchronistic and jumpy high-energy level, classic warbled guitar and Davis’ stage convulsions were reminiscent of days past. While they are 20 years older, they haven’t lost touch with what brought them to the forefront.

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    According to the Las Vegas Sun, frontman Jonathan Davis told the amped up crowd, “Ya’ll, this has been a special night for us. We’re celebrating 20 motherf*cking years! Damn, I never thought we’d make it this far, and the only reason we’re still here is because of the beautiful f*cking people like ya’ll.”

    Davis added to the flashback feel of the performance by wearing his trademark Adidas attire. After playing their self-titled album from front to back, Korn returned to the stage with a four-song encore and ended with “Got the Life,” which they most certainly do.

    Korn will continue to celebrate their 20th anniversary by performing the entire self-titled album in their upcoming U.S. October Tour. See if they are hitting a town near you here.

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