• Korn Look Back on Writing ‘Faget’: Basically a Big FU to All Those Who Teased Them in the Past (Video)


    Korn wrote the song “Faget” in the very beginning of their career. In the video below, they reminisce about writing the song at a house on 1111 Orange Street, in Huntington Beach, California. Jonathan Davis had just joined the band, after quitting his job as a professional embalmer at a funeral home.

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    In the video, Brian “Head” Welch recalls, “[Jonathan] moved in with us, with his girlfriend, and I remember sitting in the room he rented. I had my guitar in there and I wrote the riff. We just came up with the song ‘Faget,’ right then and there. It was the very beginning.”

    Jonathan Davis added, “That song, I wrote about being picked on as a kid. In high school and junior high I was a very feminine dude. I wasn’t gay, but people liked to assume that I was gay and call me faget.” Davis explains that he used to wear makeup and his favorite band at the time was Duran Duran.

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    “[‘Faget’] is just f*ck you, motherf*ckers [laughs] to all these people who teased us. So it feels good, it’s like payback,” Fieldy says at the end of the video.

    Watch the clip here.

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