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  • Korn Turns R&B Artist into Headbanging Metalhead!


    How can you make Rihanna’s bloody and violent video for “Bitch Better Have My Money” more extreme? After watching the video we weren’t sure it was possible, but then Korn surprised everyone with an awesome headbanging version of Rihanna’s song.

    In Rihanna’s video, which was released in early July, she attempts to extort cash from a female she kidnaps, by any means necessary. The music video shows Rihanna stuffing the woman into a trunk, swinging her naked from the ceiling of a barn, and drowning her, among many other sinister deeds. At the end of the video there is a shot of a blood covered Rihanna, lying on a trunk filled with cash.

    Korn took Rihanna’s song and added heaps of rage and frustration with their nu-metal guitar riffs. Her voice comes through the crashing cymbals and crushing bass rumble with confidence. You can easily imagine Rihanna throwing her head back and forth as you listen to Korn’s remix.

    Listen to it here:

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