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  • KORN’S JONATHAN DAVIS: ‘Daddy’ Is ‘One Of The Most Insane, Emotional Songs I Ever Wrote’ (Video)


    In the video below, members of Korn look back on their emotionally charged song “Daddy”.

    For the past 20 years Korn has avoided performing the song because it was always too hard on frontman Jonathan Davis. This year at the Las Vegas Brooklyn Bowl they sang the track for the first time, as part of their 20th anniversary tour kick off. The devastating track recounts Jonathan Davis being molested as a child.

    The original recording of “Daddy” ends with four minutes of Davis sobbing in the vocal booth. Davis had no idea the producer, Ross Robinson, was still recording at the time. Davis didn’t try to copy that emotional moment as Korn performed the album-closing track on March 13th.

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    “It was crazy, ’cause the song ‘Daddy’, we started playing that…. We hadn’t played that since, like, 1994-1995, just ’cause Jonathan’s really… it’s really emotional for him,” KORN guitarist Brian “Head” Welch told Metal Hammer. “But he said he still gets emotional doing it some nights, but he just… he says, ‘I’ll do it for the fans.’ And, I mean, every night there’s somebody crying in the front row, ’cause there’s a lot of people that have been abused. It’s really special to play that song. It’s a dark song — it feels dark and everything — but it’s kind of like therapy, I think, for people.”

    When asked about playing the song Davis told Rolling Stone, “It’s not going to affect me like it did back then. There was abuse there, I dealt with it, and the person who abused me is dead now. Karma took them [laughs]. And, y’know, I’ve buried that. I’m just going to play the song for the people that need it, you know what I mean?”

    Hear more about the song, from the members of Korn, in the video below.

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