• Korn’s Jonathan Davis Talks ‘So Unfair’ Track and Struggle With Type 1 Diabetes


    Since the son of Korn’s frontman Jonathan Davis was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Davis has been going through an emotional battle right along side his son Zeppelin. During an interview with Full Metal Jackie, Jonathan Davis explained that while he was writing “So Unfair” he wasn’t planning to use the song as a means to raise money for juvenile diabetes. It just happened.

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    When talking about writing “So Unfair” Davis said, “this just started out as me dealing with the fact that he had this disease and then it turned into something else. It wasn’t supposed to be a song to raise awareness. It wasn’t supposed to be about any of this s–t. It was supposed to be a song of me dealing with the fact that my son had this disease, and that’s all it was.” Creating the song might have started out as a coping mechanism, but it ended up being a great tool for Davis to use his fame to shine a light on juvenile diabetes with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

    With the help of Rallysong, Korn allowed fans to download the track “So Unfair” when they made a donation to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Davis helped generate more donations by making each donation an entry to win a chance to write and record a song with him in his private recording studio.

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    While filming a video for JDRF, Jonathan Davis said, “It’s been very hard dealing with that, because there’s a lot involved. I have to constantly monitor his glucose, I have to constantly hurt him and stick him with needles, and he doesn’t understand. It’s a horrible disease and I really wanna do whatever I can do to make a difference to help find a cure for this. ‘Cause it just doesn’t affect my son. I feel for everyone who has this disease. It’s not fair at all.”

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