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  • ‘High School Musical’ Cast Reunites

    Highschool musical

    And the gang reunites!

    Today (Jan.20) is the 10 year mark since High School Musical premiered on the Disney Channel and the gang is all in it together again.

    To celebrate the anniversary, the Disney channel is planning to air High School Musical tonight as well as a look into the reunion of the original cast that happened this past weekend. Zac Efron was not able to make the reunion but will appear via a pre-taped message.

    In the special, Vanessa Hudgens gets nostalgic and says, “It is so surreal being here. It is crazy to me that ten years has gone by, and I see this cast and I feel like it was yesterday. I still love them so much, from the bottom of my heart. It was such a whirlwind – it’s just the best memories”.

    The reunion was a time for them to reminisce on all the shenanigans that came along with their time on set as well as how they felt about the worldwide phenomenon. Ashley Tisdale shared how inspirational director/choreographer Kenny Ortega was and reveals that, “His vision was insane. When I read the script, I thought that it was a cute movie, but every day I would come to set, there was a detail that he would put into the scene that you would never think of. Just his vision and his ideas and being so creative were just so inspiring. He really was the heart of this movie.”

    Monique Coleman speaks about how the fans of the franchise have continued to prosper throughout these 10 years saying, “It’s been amazing over the last 10 years to watch social media become as big as it has and to see all of the fan pages pop up and that it’s still very active and alive”.

    Watch the video below to get a glimpse into the reunion and don’t forget to tune into the Disney Channel tonight to check out the full High School Musical reunion.

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