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  • Katy Perry Enlists John Mayer’s Help to Write Revenge Song About ‘The Real Taylor Swift’


    John Mayer has dated both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in the past. Now it looks like he will be aiding Katy in her new revenge diss song about Taylor. Katy’s friend told Heat:

    “Katy thinks revenge is a dish best served cold. She’s even more determined to show people what she calls ‘the real Taylor’, she’s writing some big, anthemic-type songs that’ll feature dirt on Taylor that John’s told her from when they used to date.”

    After writing all those songs about her ex-boyfriends it looks like Taylor Swift might have to swallow a taste of her own medicine. Can’t wait to see what dirt John Mayer dishes out for Katy Perry’s new song! Will it be better than ‘Bad Blood’?

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