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  • Blink-182 Released Their First New Song Without Tom DeLonge Along with A Bundle of Other News


    Blink -182 is back and just released an official version of their new song called, “Bored to Death”. This is the first track they have dropped without, original guitarist, Tom Delonge.

    With the release of the song also came a whole bundle of news, including a release date and title for their 7th album. The album, California, is set to be dropped on July 1st. Along with that came the news that they will be touring the U.S this summer.

    Tom Delonge wishes the band the best, telling Rolling Stone that he is bummed about not being a part of the new chapter but “I love those guys, but I don’t want the legacy of the band to get fucked with. I do care about that.”

    Delonge also spoke about how the “dysfunctional” the band has always been saying, “The only time we all really communicated daily was in Blink’s first, sort of, trimester.” Last year the band issued a statement telling everyone that he had quit the band. He hasn’t spoken to the band since and says that, “If they would have come to me and said, ‘Hey, you’re really busy right now. We want to do something, maybe we should get someone to fill in’, or something. I would have probably been fine with it.”

    Best wishes go out to the band and their new member, Matt Skiba.

    Listen to the new song below:

    Their summer tour kicks off on July 22nd in San Diego. See all available tour dates below:


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