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  • Coldplay Teases New Album

    Coldplay concert

    There has been a symbol spotted around London and on lead vocalist and co-founder of Coldplay, Chris Martins t-shirt that has been hinting to a new 2015 album. We don’t know all of the details but they have been leaving subtle hints that are getting fans excited. Below is a poster of an octagonal set of interlocking circles along with the date, December 4, that has people talking.

    Coldplay has also revealed another hint on Facebook, yesterday November 4th, as they posted a 34 second video that has the same symbol that is on the London posters. The symbol appears a few times as it flashes quickly in the midst of the image of clouds, toucans and hot air balloons. See the video below:


    Posted by Coldplay on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    It seems as if they are hinting at a release date of December 4, 2015 for either a new album or a new single! We will have to wait and see.

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