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  • Imagine Dragons Bass Player’s Childhood Letter to Self Predicted His Future


    When Ben McKee, Imagine Dragons bass player, was in elementary school he was given an assignment to write a letter to the grown up version of himself explaining what he would be doing with his life as an adult.

    He must have had one amazing teacher because more than a decade later she made the effort to return the letter to him. In an interview for The Press Democrat McKee said, “She came to our high school graduation and gave the letter to us. Mine said that ‘I was going to be a musician traveling the world.’ ”

    And, lo and behold, years later Ben McKee ended up part of Imagine Dragons. This year alone Imagine Dragons has played in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. It’s looking like his childhood letter to himself might just turn out true.

    McKee added, “Although I thought I was going to be a classical pianist, so I wasn’t 100 percent spot on.” So, maybe the letter wasn’t completely correct, but close enough.

    As for the teacher, “Mrs. C”, who gave him the assignment all those years ago, McKee said she confirmed she planned on attending the show in BottleRock.

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