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  • The Origin Behind The Beatles Top Singles


    The legendary Beatles remain on the Billboard Hot 100’s biggest act of all time, after the debut of their single Love Me Do over 50 years ago. Even in 2015, their record breaking accomplishments keep them known among the greatest artists of all time. With 34 top 10 hits, most No.1’s in a calendar year, and 50 songs in the top 40, Paul McCartney reveals the origin behind a few of their No.1 hits over the years.


    I Want To Hold Your Hand

    This single reached No. 1 on February 1, 1964. When the Beatles began, they were taking over the united Kingdom with their energetic songs, but America had not yet grasped the idea of their music yet. Paul McCartney reveals that he had told the bands manager, Brian Epstein, “’We don’t want to go to America until we have a No. 1 record”. McCartney recalled that, “A lot of British artists went there and came back with the audience having been slightly underwhelmed by them”. He did not want to follow that trend and went a different route to get to the top. Epstein eventually convinced Ed Sullivan to book The Beatles on his top viewed primetime CBS show, and Capitol Records U.S., agreed to release “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in the states. They received news after the release that it ended up making it to the top becoming No.1 in U.S. Charts. That was an incredible moment of joy for them. McCartney said, “We jumped on each other’s backs. It was late at night after a show, and we just partied. That was the record that allowed us to come to America”. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” remains No. 45 single of all time.


    Hey Jude

    There was a lot of controversy over the song “Hey Jude”. The motivation to write the song started when he was thinking about John Lennon’s son Julian while he was dealing with the divorce between his parents John and Cynthia. He said, “I was on the way to see him after John and Cynthia got divorced, and because I was good friends with Julian, it came into my mind: ‘Hey, Jules, don’t make it bad, It’s a song of hopefulness’”. The ended up changing “Jules” to “Jude”, not knowing at the time that “Jude” meant “Jews” in German. People took it the wrong way and after McCartney and a few friends painted “HEY JUDE” on a window of the Apple boutique it was smashed by a passerby. “Hey Jude” was the first release on their Apple Records label and spent 19 weeks on the Hot 100. It remains No. 10 Hot 100 single of all time and is a masterpiece!


    We Can Work It Out

    This song was considered a “girlfriend song”, with lyrics emphasizing the fact that The Beatles didn’t always live a perfect life. They like everyone else had problems too. The book titled, Revolution in the Head: The Beatles’ Records and the Sixties revealed that “We Can Work It Out” was the moment that McCartney took over dominance of the band being named, “Not only as a songwriter, but also as instrumentalist, arranger, producer and de facto musical director of The Beatles”. The song took 12 hours to record but it wasn’t necessarily a complicated song. McCartney said, “Maybe I was fussing over it because it was my song. You get an idea of how things should sound, and if it doesn’t quite sound like that, you keep pushing”.



    Lennon became unhappy with his marriage after 2 years of recording and touring, and masked it with drugs. He was tasked to write a song, and found the opportunity to shout for “Help!” Lennon had said, “I was fat and depressed, and I was crying out for help”. McCartney reveals that when he looked back on it he realized, “John was always looking for help. He had a paranoia that people died when he was around: His father left home when John was 3, the uncle he lived with died later, then his mother died. I think John’s whole life was a cry for help”.

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